This video of the social experiment by Dove has been shared around the internet in the last few weeks, and some may have seen it already, but I still wanted to share it on my blog. Despite the corporate interest behind the Real Beauty Sketches, it has a very special meaning and message.

Women are their own worst beauty critics. The stats on their page say only 4% of women consider themselves beautiful. As a photographer who works with people I hear it all the time “I don’t look good”, “I hate my photo been taken”, “This is not my good side” etc.  Our self-perception is so different from what others see in us and our appearance. We have a very distorted view of ourselves. Including myself. I felt very insecure about how I looked when I was a teenager. I was very skinny, tall, and looked very awkward. I partly still see myself this way (although I’m far from being skinny now!). I think one of my ears is slightly higher than the other one, my teeth are all over the place and I could go on and on. With time I think I’ve managed to let these judgemental thoughts go. I don’t think I’m beautiful or pretty, or anything. I guess I just don’t think about it!

As a photographer I see people differently from how they see themselves. I see so much beauty when my couples open up in front of my camera. Happiness shows on the outside and then people just glow:)Some say “You managed to make us look good”. But I didn’t. It’s all you. I just managed to capture that moment in time, the real beautiful you, when you are not afraid and you let go.

“The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years”. – Audrey Hepburn

“There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion”. – Edgar Allan Poe

  • Debs - April 25, 2013 - 9:36 am

    I worked for a global Dove team for 4 years before I left to become a photographer full time and find my own path. Even though they are a huge brand, part of an ever bigger company, I can honestly say that they work as though they are a family, on a very close and personal scale. To me this says so much about how the people who bring Dove to life think and breath, and it is amazing. xxxReplyCancel

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