Today I'll be posting like mad, as if my life depends on it. The reason is - I have a lot to share with you, so "you better catch up"! ;-)
Not that long ago my best friends got married and I was very, I mean VERY exited to capture the LOVE they have for each other on their wedding day. I've known Valerie since we were 6 and I've known her husband for 6 years. She is like my sister. You know, she is that type of friend, who'll stay your true friend all your life, and we might not see each other for half a year, because we live in different countries now, but I know that she is always there for me whenever I need her. These guys are amazing couple and I absolutely love them and miss them.
Check out some of the images and the slideshow from their big day! The sun couldn't shine brighter for them! )))

Little details are important as they make your wedding so special for you. The bride made a decoration for the glass below and was very proud of it!

Young bride and groom to be on the front )))

Gorgeous hair, gorgeous dress, gorgeous bride...

And... the slideshow! "One LOVE"