What a day it was! We were blessed with the weather last Sunday! Sunshine was pouring down and we were closing our eyes occasionally and turning towards it to get as much of it as we can. A perfect day for a family outing and photos. We've spent three hours running around, riding bicycles and scooters, blowing lucky bubbles, throwing stones in a lake and a lot, a lot more! Kids were full of energy and I had to keep up. Everyone in the family was charged with loadz of positive emotions! Little Julie even wrote about it in her school assignment! She showed it to me the next day when I brought the photos, and it gave me a warm happy feeling. I was more than happy to know that my photography brought the family together, that they enjoyed their time with each other and that they will have warm memories about their experience! So, if you are planning any outdoor activities with your family and want to make a record of a particular moment in your lives, contact me through the form on this site. Together we'll make it fun!
"Your extraordinary moments captured"