That was my last photoshoot for 2009 that I haven't blogged about yet. I must say these kids are good craic! They were looking forward to seeing a photographer (o-o-o-o, scary!) in their house and as soon as I started talking to them we connected and they felt very relaxed in front of my camera. You know in some families kids fight. Not that they don't love each other, but they just kinda annoy each other, often on purpose (that was the case with myself and my brother anyway. We are friends now though! ). The way I felt about these three though, was that they are very close to each other. Even if you don't know them you'd feel they share something special. So, we had a very active hour of playing with favourite toys, chasing bubles and even playing pool, but in our own way! Have a look

I love the expressions on next three:
So, if you are planning any activity with your family and kids and want to capture special moments you share together, contact me through the form above! See you!
Have a nice weekend!

Dasha, Exhibit Emotions