Blogging frequently is hard, so for a long time I wanted to start a regular section, something that I'll have to do on a certain day once a week, but just couldn't come up with the idea. So, yesterday I was already on my way to bed, when I noticed this:
the box was just sitting there in a new spotlight, that was recently attached to the kitchen unit. This box was left over after Christmas and someone remembered about it and just took it out. I loved the way light was falling on it and took a photo. "So, I was sitting here, and then it just hit me! " - as well-known Vodafone advert says! As a result, IN THE SPOTLIGHT is my new regular section. I think it's gonna be about interesting people, amazing things, something that caught my attention, or maybe I'm just gonna place stuff under the spotlight and take a picture of it! ))) By the way, I must say that I resisted the temptation and hadn't had a single chocolate from the box! First - I'm detoxing after xmas, second - I was exercising my will power that I thought I didn't have! )))
For the last photo, I simply didn't focus the lens and that's what I got! I think this photo can be used as a texture. So, If anyone wants it, shoot me an e-mail and I'll send a high-res copy! )))