Sooo, I've totally abandoned my blog in the last month... Every day I felt bad about not writing anything, but I was in the process of moving to UK and every day I thought "ah, I'll start posting again when I'll be settled" and stuff like that. Even if I had nothing to do during any particular day, I had a feeling that I'm going somewhere and if I'll start writing then I'll have to leave it and finish when I arrive to the point of my destination which was London. So, here I am! Hello big city lights! There have been a lot of changes in my life recently indeed. I moved to London together with my husband. We had been apart for 4 weeks and it was really-really hard. We missed simple things about each other like holding hands when going for a walk, talking about everything and anything, sleeping on each other's laps in airports and so much more. In the last month I probably travelled for about 10000 miles. And I did a lot of waiting... Waiting to see my love again, waiting in the airports, waiting in the train stations, waiting for buses and cars, waiting for letters, waiting to see my family and friends, agh! I think the photo below describes my state of mind in the last month. Anyways, I'm glad to be finally settled now, I'm very excited to be in London and I cant wait to do all sort of exciting things! I'll be posting updates about my London journey together with photo-reports!