This year I'm shoooting two destination weddings which I'm very excited about. The first one will be in Russia in summer time and I'll be travelling to Crete for the second one. I soooo cant's wait! When I meet the couple and I know that I'm going to be their photographer - it's one of the best feelings ever! If the bride and groom are as excited as I am, we all get involved! We start to share ideas about how to make their wedding unusual and how to incorporate photography into it. I usually don't sleep the night after the meeting, cause I start to see pictures in my head, how I want the couple to look in the best possible light, what's the best location to take them to, that will sorta reflect their personalities, I imagine the whole process in my head! I can't wait to share the images with you after! Below are two photos from the last year's wedding. Enjoy and I'll talk to you later! )))