Couple of days ago I've decided that it's enough and decided to go into the city. Enough, because I stayed in the house for the last 2 weeks... This fact doesn't make me proud of myself, cause being in London and staying in if you don't really have any work to do - is a sin. So, I grabbed my camera and went out. Because I'm new to the city, I'm mostly staying on a common track and only occasionaly turning into an odd street. But I promise I'll get off the beaten path soon! I went along the Thames, crossed Tower Bridge and went into the direction of The Gherkin (which I think is a weird name for that buiding). I was surprised how quiet it was once I got away from the main street. I wouldn't expect to see narrow, sort of comfy little streets with churches and little cafes and pubs and jewellery shops. To me it looked like they have a life of their own despite being surrounded by massive concrete and glass office world. Below are some urban shots of London (well, a wee tiny bit of it):