Hi there! Holidays are over and I hope you've had a very Happy Easter time and feeling well after eating all the chocolate eggs you've got! ;-) I'm trying to get back on track with blogging and generally getting my life back into eating and sleeping normality after days off. I must admit, it was quite hard to get up earlier this morning! It was one of those - another 5 minutes...z-z-z-z-z... agh, nah... another 10 minutes and I'll definitely get up. Well, I'm up anyway and here to enjoy a new day!
About a week ago I had a quick photoshoot. We only had about 15 minutes before the rain and I was shooting a band. These guys are called Out of Town and they play acoustic music and sing. I must say they were great fun and I can't wait to go to their gig to see them performing! Out of Town needed a few photos for promotional materials for their gigs in Ireland. Here is what we've got: