So, here we are, walking the streets of London again! This time I joined The London Photo Walk. If you are passionate about photography and want to meet like minded people and have a bit of fun, then check them out The London Photo Walk. Everybody in the group had a great day of shooting, exploring and chatting in Camden Town. What a brilliant place! Very vibrant and full of life. You'll see all sorts of unconventional shops there (vintage spots particularly attracted my attention), food stalls (italian, chineese, austrian, polish, indian, moroccan etc. and aaaghhh, the smell of that food!) and, of course, people. You can grab some food and enjoy it right beside the canal or in numerous cafes. Get lost in Camden markets and discover its hidden gems.
I will definitely return to Camden soon and will be back here on the blog with a more detailed report! For now - enjoy some photos from the day:

I want to be free...

The kiss