As some of you know, I'm exploring London and the UK at the moment (well, at this particular moment I'm typing this post, but I mean generally 'at the moment' as 'these days' ;-). So, two weeks ago, as part of this exploration "project" myself and my husband went to Hastings. The sun was splitting the stones and throughout our train journey all we were thinking of was how we were gonna lie on the beach, take our shoes off and roast ourselfs a little bit. But the wind said ha-ha and blew us away and our dream of warm-sunny-lazy-doingnothingness. We suspected that it was gonna be breezy at the seaside, but we didn't realize it would be cold, like goose pimples and brrrrr... So, we left the beach, tried to hide ourselfs behind the buildings and in the streets and had a look around. I liked the atmosphere in Hastings. It's sort of rustic, quiet and slow in a good way. You wanna slow down there and breath in the sea air and just enjoy a moment. I enjoyed watching fishermen. There were three of them sitting on an old timber beam and drinking tea, one of them was smoking a pipe. I just felt like joining the conversation even if I wasn't able to contribute to it, I would just like to listen. I love going to places and get the feeling about them. I got that feeling about Hastings, so I will come back there sometime, maybe to document its life and its details.

Do you think he is smiling at me? ;-)