So, this is the full post after the sneek peek I gave you last Friday. I must say I never thought that I would ever photograph a photographer. I thought only cool kids do this kinda stuff! I met Antonina through twitter and when she suggested to arrange a day of shooting in Bushy Park I got very excited about the whole idea! I was a bit nervous at the beginning, because I've never been in the role of a model on the other side of the camera before (now I understand how you people feel!). But when we met on the day Antonina made me feel at ease, we were chatting about everything and anything and the day just flew by. I enjoyed the whole experience so much and ended up with hundreds of photos! Both of Antonina and of myself. You can see the pictures she took of me throughout my blog ;-). Now, Antonina is a London family and children's photographer. Check out her work. She has an amazing gift to bring out kids' personalities and reflect them in her photographs. She just cracks them! When you look through the images she takes, even if you don't know a child on a picture, you can just say what an individual he or she is. Her newborn photos just melt my heart, seriously. Have a look yourself here. And here she is herself, meet Antonina:

I love the way she smiles with her eyes:

Happy happy person!

I will be back soon with a post about my experience of "modelling" in front of the camera and tips! Talk soon!