Omg, where do I even start describing the whole amazingness, fabulousness and greatness of the day?! On tuesday I went to Bristol for a photographers meet up organized by Rosie Parsons from The Photography Parlour which is a great web-resource for aspiring photographers and a place to connect with people from your industry. There were about 30 of us from all over the country. Photographers of different ages, backgrounds and experinces got together for a fun day of shooting, learning from each other and connecting. I felt it before, but this kind of events make me realise even more how great our community is! We don't see each other as competitors, we see each other as friends, that's why if you need help you know that there is always someone there for you. I am very VERY proud to be part of it!
So, on the day we had a venue, models, make-up artists, our cameras and we were in Bristol's floating harbour. What did we do with all that? We mixed it all up, added a bit of great weather and started shooting! We were organised in groups and had a chance to spend time with different models, so at the end of the day we were left with loadz of great images! Below are some of mine from the day:

Special THANK YOU to our models, you were amazing:

Miss Cherry Delight (Gemma)

Make-up artists:

Other suppliers:
China and table styling
Flowers: Floriture
Catering was from McBaile

Cakes: Sheona’s of Cake Matters

Just general thank you to everyone who was involved in the day and made it unforgettable!