I think I will speak on behalf of the majority of female photographers because this post is gonna be one big massive huge THANK YOU to our partners, husbands and boyfriends. Thank you for supporting us in following our passion that is photography. Thank you for giving us constructive criticism when we get excited about all the things photoshop can do to our photos and start overediting and overthinking. Thank you for listening to something like that: "omg, omg, omg... I've just got another booking and her dress is amazing, and their venue - agh... let me show you... brilliant isin't it?! And her shoes, and her flowers and she is amazing and everything is amazing! Did I tell you half an hour ago how amazing this wedding is going to be?!". And thank you for listening to something like that: "Agh... look at the photos of this photographer... I will never be able to shoot like that! How does he (she) do it?! I'm nothing and I'm not able to do anything! I'm useless...(pillow cry follows)". Thank you for believing in us and encouraging us. Thank you for supporting us in a different way: "Hoooonnnyyy... There's this lens... it's class! 24-70mm IS and it's L series...What? What is L series? Well, it's professional...Yeah, I need it... Like you know, it's so versatile I can use it for like everything! Can I get it? If I get it, I won't need another one for aaaaaaageees! Yeah?! Really?! Can I?! Loooove youuu! In couple of months - Hooonnnyyy... I need...(read above, just substitue 24-70 lens for whatever that is you need). Thank you for putting up with us working during weekends or staying up till 3am because we want to finish editing a recent photoshoot because we are sooo excited about it and we want to blog it straight away and share it with the world because obviously it cannot wait another day! Thank you for carrying our heavy camera bags. Thank you for acting as our models sometimes if we want to try out a new technique or a pose. Thank you for being there for us. We love you.
I don't think it works exactly the same way for male photographers, but I'm sure their partners are very supportive as well! If you think I missed something or you want to say thank you to your hubby, use comment form below. And don't forget to tell them in person ;-)

 Taken in Australia last year. We managed to avoid the sharks and made it safely to the beach )))