Being a wedding photographer means that I'm usually the one behind the camera taking photos of people. I must say it feels good and I love capturing expressions, kisses, hugs and smiles! However, the experience of being in front of the camera for some of you, who have never been there before, can be quite daunting and feel a bit uncomfortable. Guys, I know how you feel! I've been in your shoes. I've been photographed three times on my own, and one time together with my husband (who doesn't really like his photo been taken, which is common for guys). In this post I want to share my experience with you, and give some tips on how to feel more comfortable in front of the lens and get beautiful photographs as a result. 
 - Meet your photographer before the engagement shoot or before your wedding day. It will help both sides to get to know one another and feel more relaxed about the whole thing. If you don't have time to arrange a meeting - suggest going for coffee on the day of your pre-wedding shoot. Again, it will help you to loosen up.
 - Concentrate on your partner, not on your photographer! It's about the two of you and that special something you share together. 
 - Make the most out of this time together. You might be caught up in daily routines and maybe you don't see each other as often as you wish, so this shoot is the perfect time to say 'I love you' one more time. Say things that usually make you laugh. We all have secret words and phrases that no one else knows that make us smile. Cuddle up to each other. Hold hands. If you like to mess around - do!
 - Trust your photographer to get beautiful images. Every relationship should be built on trust and this one is no exception. Trust your photographer to see those special moments between the two of you.
 - Relax! Yeap, it really is that easy! Relax and enjoy your time. Think about it this way: would you rather enjoy the couple of hours with the person you love most or would you rather worry how you look on camera and be stressed out? I think the first option is the way to go! ;-)
 - For ladies: consider for your hair and make-up to be done professionally. 
 - For gents: consider having a haircut and a shave ;-)
 - For both: consider getting a new outfit which you are gonna rock during the shoot! 
Michael contributed to these tips, so guys - pay attention! ;-)
And because every post is better with a photo, there is one below for you. It feels as if I wasn't even there. They probably shared something funny. Quietly, just between the two of them...

And that's us captured by lovely Dominique: