Yesterday my husband organized a great day out. Weather was perfect and the sun was shining through yellow leaves. I felt like I just wanted to turn my face towards the sun, enjoy its warmth, and smile! We kicked off quite early (10am is quite early to leave the house on Sunday morning :-) ) and went to the Hewitts Farm located on our doorstep in Orpington, Kent. Such a great place for a family day out! You can pick your own fruit and veg and they literally have everything! We were eating apples and plums straight from the trees, and I can tell you - there's nothing better! You bite into an apple and it's so juicy and full of taste and flavour, all you want to say is 'eeemmmmm'! It makes you appreciate the real food and where it comes from. We had a great day walking around the farm tasting apples, sweetcorn, pears and plums, and even picked our own perfect pumpkin! I would encourage everyone to try and go to a 'pick your own' farm to get fresh local produce - it just tastes so much better than what you'll get in supermarkets!
Hope you are enjoying the sunshine, and happy Monday!

These plums:

turned into a homemade jam in a few hours after we picked them!