This post is loooong looong overdue! But better late than never :-). Together with my friend Antonina Mamzenko (who is a brilliant family photographer based in London) I have been featured in the September issue of Photo Pro Magazine (the UK's biggest and fastest growing magazine for professional photographers)! Happy dance! They dedicated the whole page to our interview about the shoot we did a while ago. There is a photo of yours truly in the top right corner :-). When the issue was out for sale, I walked into our local newsagent and bought all the copies they had. I sent one to my mum and although I didn't see her reaction, but she sounded very proud over the phone! Soon after that I traveled to Ireland for the engagement shoot with Lena and David (whose wedding I'll photograph next May). When I was waiting for my plane in the airport, I noticed a guy (well, he was more of a man) who was reading the magazine and our interview! Made me feel a little bit famous! :-)