I've always wanted to be good to environment. And I'd like to think that I have been so far to my best ability. Even when I was a kid I was always throwing every little bit of rubbish into a bin - not on a pavement. When we were going for picnics with family or camping with schoolmates - we always cleaned our site. It made me sad to see people who didn't do any of that, people who just didn't care. I own a small business now and I can make choices in regards to how I run it, and I've made a choice to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, to be the most 'green' wedding photographer :-). It's not even about how I run my business - it's about our lifestyle and responsibility for our environment. Here is how I contribute to make everything a bit greener:

 - my business cards are printed on 100% recycled and recyclable paper *so if you want to get rid of my card - please recycle! ;-) *

 - if you are my bride you will receive your engagement and wedding photos on a dvd in a case made from sustainable organic paper or hemp

 - I use Couture Earth wedding books which are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled acid-free archival paper and utilizing environmentally sensitive materials, like hemp, from conscious suppliers. The entire book making process is powered by green wind power. Carbon offsets and trees are planted with a portion of the proceeds from each book

 - I try to communicate with my clients mostly online, and I try not to print anything out unless I really need to. If I do - I make sure it's printed on paper that is carbon neutral and comes from sustainable forests

 - I work from home, and if I need to meet my couples I travel by public transport which helps to reduce carbon emmisions

 - I do most of my work on a laptop. I charge it, then unplug and only plug it back in when my battery is dying, helps to save electricity :)

 - I buy organic food and try to support local suppliers when I can

 - I recycle everything including food leftovers 

So, these are just little bits I do to be a green wedding photographer, to run an environmentally responsible business and be an eco-friendly person. I'd love to do even more than that! 

If you are a bride and planning an eco-chic, eco-friendly, organic or natural wedding read THIS POST for inspiration!

Please share what you do for environment and also if you have any ideas of how I can become even 'greener' ;-)

And because every post is better with a photo, here is one for you from the engagement party I photographed recently. Can't share all of them with you due to the privacy of the event, but it was absolutely gorgeous!