Hi there! I'm finally back into my blogging mode after the holidays. My hubby and I spent our time off with our family in Ireland. The two weeks we spent there were very relaxing. Some days I was actually getting tired of being relaxed, as weird as it sounds! I couldn't have relaxed more even if I wanted too, if you know what I mean. Once again would like to wish you a very happy 2011! Hope it brings only nice surprises, happiness and prosperity to everyone!

The day before we left back for London, I was asked to photograph this gorgeous little fella. He is two months old and he is tiiiiiiiny. I haven't photographed babies in a while, so I was a bit nervous. I shouldn't have been, because he was brilliant! We had about 30 min in total before he started to get a bit restless and we made the most of it. I must say babies are a lot harder to work with than adults - you simply can't tell them what to do! However the rewards are great and beyond words. Especially in the years to come...


I also couldn't resist taking a few shots of his big sister: