On this sunny and glorious day (I hope it is indeed sunny and glorious where you are) I want to wish all my couples and all my readers Happy Valentines day! To be honest, I was never really into celebrating it. Yeah, all the hearts and all that is very cute, but I think one doesn't need a specific day in the calendar to express and show love. Do it every day! Say 'I Love You' every day, or whenever this wonderful feeling overwhelms you. Let people close to you know as often as possible that you cherish them and care about them. There is nothing better in this whole world than knowing that you are loved. So, here... I better stop, or I'll make myself cry)) Happy Valentines, and I hope you are spending it with your loved ones!

I would also like to share my updated and revamped website, have a peek if you fancy. In the next two months there will be the whole new section added to it - "Wedding Inspiration", so keep an eye on it ;-) As always, you can view it right here in the blog (just click on it), or go to http://www.exhibitemotions.com

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