I love spring... I was born in May, so spring is my favourite season of all. I love everything about it - the smell of thawing earth, birds singing (tweeting?) loudly and the sunshine. We live near the woods and I go for a walk every day. The last couple of days it's been warm and sunny, so when I went for a walk I closed my eyes sometimes and faced the sun, and tried not to think about anything, but just enjoy the sounds of awakening nature. I felt so light, peaceful and happy. Spring makes us smile for no reason and fills our hearts with love :-)
Spring is quite busy for me this year. All the projects that have been in the planning for the last couple of months will finally happen and the wedding season kicks in. My first big shoot on wedding inspiration is taking place next week. I'm very excited and looking forward to it! Check my blog next Thursday for a little sneak peek! I'm not going to say much just yet ;-)

Happy Friday!