Kerris is an amazing florist and she designed some flower arrangements for my previous bridal shoot (which I will share with you in the nearest future). She got the brief spot on and I can't wait for you to see her creations! I adore flowers, so when Kerris asked me if I could take some 'behind the scenes' photographs of her at work for her new website, I was thrilled. It also meant that I got a chance to see some of the flowers before the shoot, so I knew in advance it was going to be beautiful! I enjoyed watching Kerris at work - calm, collected, concentrated (apart from times when Angel, her cat, was trying to steal our flowers) and with meticulous attention to details. It was great to see how the whole piece comes together starting with just one flower.

Angel is such a crazy, but adorable cat! He was a great help, I mean distraction... errrm, I mean help!

He was overlooking the process to make sure we were doing the right thing and giving him flowers to play with

I strongly believe that portraits and behind the scenes photographs are very important to a small business owner. If you have them on your website/blog, potential clients can see the Person behind the business, they sort of get to know you and get the feel of what you do and therefore there is more chance they get in touch.

If you need to update 'About' page of your website or get portraits for your business - get in touch using the form at the top of the page. I would be happy to discuss what is it that you are looking for!