I knew I was going to like these guys before I even met them. They came over all the way from Dubai to plan their September wedding here in UK. Perfect opportunity for an engagement photoshoot! They met in London, so we walked around trying to incorporate some landmarks into their photographs. Anna and Pav are perfect for each other and so much fun! I think I laughed till my cheeks hurt)) They are having First Look before the ceremony on their wedding day, and I'm quite excited about it! In fact, I can't wait!

London is beautiful in spring. We got some pretty blossom:

Then we headed to some familiar places not far from where she met him ;-)

Playing silly, just the way I like it

As I said - perfect for each other
Here is the e-mail I received from Anna and Pav after they'd seen their engagement photos:
"We have looked at the pictures and we love them! It was so amazing to see ourselves in such stunning pictures, we were really impressed. We viewed them with Pav's parents and they also really liked them and instantly asked for some to be framed :)
We also had a really good time with you on the day and we are looking forward to seeing you again in September.
Thanks so much again and speak to you soon. We are just so pleased to have you as our photographer :)
Anna and Pav"
Receiving letters like this one is THE best part of being a photographer for me! Knowing that I make someone even just a little bit happier with my work is one of the best feelings EVER! 
Guys, if you are reading this - I really enjoyed getting to know you, and I've had so much fun! Really looking forward to seeing you again in September and photographing your beautiful day!