I'm very excited to share these images with you today! Ariel got in touch with me about 2 weeks ago about a photoshoot for hers and Pete's first wedding anniversary. I liked how enthusiastic she was about this idea, and it really made me look forward to meeting both of them. Ariel and Pete live in Greenwich, and it's one of their most favourite places in London, so the choice of location was obvious and brilliant. We went to the Thames at the lowest tide, Royal Naval College, and spent a couple of hours wandering around quiet streets. Greenwich has a lot to offer! I think it was one of the hottest summer days, but the sun was shining and we got to take some photos in that magical golden hour. Ariel is a geographer and blogger, make sure you check out her blog ArielGraphy. I love her style of writing - so effortless))
Ariel and Pete love traveling, and they brought a vintage suitcase with them. 

Ariel and Pete, congratulations on your first wedding anniversary once again!