I haven't blogged in a while. Please, forgive me, my lovely readers! Wedding season is in full swing. I promise to blog several sneak previews in the next few days though ;-)
For now I'd just to share some kind words about Exhibit Emotions Photography)) As a photographer I'm blessed with lovely couples I meet and photograph. Most of the time we have similar personalities and we get friendly, so when I work with them I always want to do my best, as if I help out my best friends. Ariel and Pete are one of those couples. Very warm and welcoming people, and it was such a pleasure to work with them)) Here is what Ariel wrote about me for the feature on Rock My Wedding blog:

"It took a few days to fall upon Dasha’s website Exhibit Emotions.  As soon as I read her story about how she met her husband, I knew she would understand our international wedding plight.  Plus her photos were beautiful and she had done an Art Deco-inspired shoot I could stare at for hours.  When I contacted her and presented my idea, she immediately responded that she would love to do an “I do, re-do” shoot.  I loved that.  It was exactly what we were thinking, without the actual “I do” renewal (or the big white dress).  She went out of her way to meet with me a few days before the shoot and spent, like, five hours in the blazing sun with us, waiting for the light to get ‘just right.’  Obviously, she nailed it!  She made us feel very comfortable, although we don’t have too much trouble hamming it up.  And to top it off, she saved the day.  When I realized I was too late to buy a bouquet and a bit upset, she spotted a gorgeous lavender bush and, after taking some great shots with it in the foreground, picked a bunch of it for me.  Perfect. 
When we got the photos from her (an unbelievable week later) she had managed to make it look like we had Greenwich all to ourselves.  There were hundreds of people roaming the streets and green spaces but in these photos it is just us two celebrating each other and our marriage.  In that way, I guess it was an “I do” renewal, or maybe just a reminder."
 Thank you so much, Ariel! It was a pleasure ;)