Vivien and Joe got in touch with me in spring about the possibility of having their pre-wedding photoshoot in Paris. They are getting married in the USA next year, but they love to travel and Paris is one of their favourite cities. When I read Vivien's e-mail and the words 'photoshoot' and 'Paris', I immediately said I'd absolutely love to do it! And when Vivien told me she was going to wear a copy of her wedding dress - that was like a dream come true! We hopped on the Eurostar on Friday and spent almost all Saturday going to different places around Paris and taking lots of photos. Vivien and Joe wanted to incorporate the amazing Parisian architecture into their images, so with its palaces, quiet cobbled streets, noisy streets, bridges, buildings with balconies and parks Paris was a perfect backdrop for their engagement photoshoot. Paris had it's heatwave, it was full of tourists and it was Saturday, but I think we managed  to find some quieter spots :) Vivien and Joe got a lot of attention, as people thought they were getting married - cars were beeping, tourists were taking photos of them, French were smiling and saying 'Belle' and 'Felicitations'. So many random passers-by were genuinely happy for them - it felt great!

The heatwave also meant that we had some seriously beautiful light that day! We also got some night time images around Louvre and Eiffel Tower. Late evening in Paris on a warm summer day was very romantic)) Here is the selection of images from the day:

Vivien and Joe, thank you for inviting me to Paris with you! It was a pleasure working with you and I wish you all the best for your wedding next year!