All my couples are very special to me, but Tracy and Colm are just that little bit extra... Tracy lives in Canada, and Colm lives in London. They have to spend a long time apart from each other, until they can be together again at their wedding in Dublin in December. It was something Michael and I went through a couple of years ago, before we got married. The hardest thing was not seeing one another for five months after the wedding. It's very hard to describe. Phone conversations weren't cutting it... We just wanted to hold each other. Simple things like having breakfast together, doing food shopping and watching TV seemed like a dream! But we've gone through it, and because of that time we love each other more than anything. I'm wishing the same for Tracy and Colm. Guys, you'll be together again very soon! Time will fly! I'm looking forward to seeing you both again on your wedding day!
Below is the selection of images from their pre-wedding photoshoot in Richmond, London: