It's been crazy busy at Exhibit Emotions quarters over the last few weeks. I've photographed some beautiful weddings, which I've already shared on my blog, and there are still more to come! I'm off to beautiful Bordeaux soon to shoot a wedding ofthese guys. Really looking forward to it! Then I have an intimate London wedding with friends and family of bride and groom coming from all over the world! After that I will be flying home to see my family and friends, whom I haven't seen for the whole year - I miss them so much! So, no rest for the wicked! I'm really excited about all the trips and weddings though - I love being a busy bee)) If you are in UK, I hope you are enjoying this Indian Summer we are having! Sunshine and some warmth in the air make so much difference, don't they? If I'm outside I'm trying to face the sun, and I'm smiling, and I noticed people who pass by smile back at me, which makes me smile even more, hehe)) I must be looking like a right lunatic from the side, but I don't care. Let's make a world a better place and smile at each other - it will make us all just a little bit happier ;-) And because every post is better with a photo, here is a preview from a recent wedding: