Hi there! Today finds me blogging from a different part of the world. I'm home in Russia with my parents and brother. We haven't got together like this in over a year, so we are having great time! It feels so good to be home after so long. Things feel weird, cause I'm not used to them any more, but it still feels good. Yesterday, when I came in through the front door, I immediately felt the smell of home. Like, not just the smell of the house, but the smell of my parent's place - the place where I grew up. All four of us sat down for dinner and some wine, and we were just talking and laughing at silly things. I looked through old family and school photoalbums, which I absolutely LOVE, and which reminded me that I shall start making our own photoalbums with hubby. They've also reminded me why I love photography and photographs so much - I had nothing but a smile on my face, and it made me so happy to remember some days and things that I could have otherwise forgotten. I noticed that I always liked to photograph other people, from the first camera I was given. I was looking through my old school photos and was wondering where all these people are now, who are they as personalities, what do they do, what makes their live. I shall bring these photographs for a 10th graduation anniversary :-)
Also, I would like to share the pre-wedding photos of Natasja and Grant, who got married last Saturday in London! Their wedding was truly international with friends and family coming from all over the world. It was very personal to them, and even I got emotional on several occasions)) Natasja and Grant decided to have their pre-wedding shoot on Southbank, where they went for their first date. It was a gorgeous warm Indian Summer day, and the light was very pretty. Natasja and Grant were such a pleasure to photograph. They are so in love and they belong together...
Huge congratulations to Natasja and Grant! Hope you guys are enjoying your honeymoon! xxx