As some of you may know I travelled home recently to visit my family and see my friends. I was obviously taking my camera with me for this trip, and when I asked Valeria if they were up for a some photos, she immediately said yes)) I love these guys, and I miss them like family when I'm away. I've known Valeria for what feels like all my life (well, since we were 6 years old, so kinda yes, for all my life!). We went to dancing classes together when we were kids, we went through 10 years of school together, we lived across the road from each other, and were maids of honour and witnesses at each others weddings... You know when you don't see someone for a long long time, and it can be awkward when you meet again, and you don't know what to say? Not with her... Things are never awkward! We meet after a year or so of not seeing each other, and we talk for hours! I know I can talk to her about things I would never talk about to anyone else. She married a great guy, and it was the first wedding I ever photographed! They've been together for 8 years, and I'm so happy for them. I didn't have any good photos of them together apart from their wedding images, so I knew I had to take some when I visited home! Here they are, and I love them so much:
Valeria also loves photography! She got her first camera a couple of months ago. We went on a sort of a photowalk, and I showed her a few tricks. While taking photos of each other she noticed that I look through the viewfinder with my left eye, and she with her right eye. I've never actually thought about this, it just feels natural to me! We tried and 'switched' for a bit, but it only made us laugh! As you can see from the photos, she is taking things very seriously :). I haven't seen pics of myself YET (wink, wink!):