When Stephanie first enquired with me and after a few e-mails back and forth, I knew these two would be a special couple. Stephanie is from Miami and is studying photography in uni here in UK, and Gary is a graphic designer. They are both super fun, bubbly, easy to be around people, and they are so very much in love with one another. Stephanie wrote their story to me after reading a story on my website about how I met my hubby, and I can definitely say they were meant to be together))
"We met online when I was 15 and we just really connected. He was actually visiting Orlando with his parents a few months after we had begun to talk, so I decided to take a bus and meet him and his parents for the first time. We always laugh about how crazy that must sound to other people, especially with how young I was! But the risk was definitely worth it! Actually, while I was on the bus (it was about a 4 hour journey - but it felt much longer!!) his parents got Chinese food and he got a fortune cookie that said 'Love is on it's way'. He gave it to me when I arrived and I still have it. I actually had a trip to England booked (this was before I met Gary) to meet a friend but things didn't end up working out. So when Gary and I met for the first time in Orlando (we only were together for 3 days) we knew we wanted to see each other again. Coincidentally, my flight to England was on the same day as his flight back home (different airports)!! We got to England within an hour of each other and everything else you can say is history!"