As some of you know I went to Paris earlier this year for an all day pre-wedding shoot around this wonderful city. I never been to Paris before, but it has always been my dream to go. Michael and I stayed for a couple of days after the shoot to explore)) We didn't have a plan (although we probably should have had one!). We did all the 'must see' places, as it was our first time there, and the rest of the time we were just wondering the streets of Paris. Oh my, what a beautiful captivating city! I think what stuck with me most are doors and windows. So many pretty doors and windows! All I wanted to do was to open them and have a peek at the life inside. Some of them were slightly opened, as if they were inviting us in. I felt like behind those doors and windows was life totally different to mine, and people who live this life and call this place their home. I wanted to know who those people were and what they did. I loved wondering the streets and just looking around me.