My new website and blog are more than a week old now. You know that feeling when you get a new notebook, after you've spent so much time looking for the One? It's all nice and new, and clean. You open it and start writing on the first page... You want it to look very neat, so you are careful with your handwriting. And it does look pretty! Then the second page comes, and scribbles appear. It's not bad, you just start using the notebook in a way it's supposed to be used! So, this year I've decided to blog more for my brides and my readers. I'm going to start  a regular feature, which will appear once a week. I will be sharing ideas on wedding styling, inspiration I find on the web, links to other blogs, which I think could be of interest to my brides, inspirational photography etc. Sometimes it will be non-wedding related, but more personal. I think it will take a more definitive shape with time. At the moment it's more of a collection of random ideas)) Anyway, the first feature is of course about all things pretty and yellow, which is my favourite colour, and it's in my logo as well))

Found on http://designsponge.com . Love this combination of yellow and peachy pink. Flowers and lemons make a simple cake look so pretty and whimsical!

Found on http://stylemepretty.com . The little round-shaped yellow flowers are called Craspedia. Will cheer up any bouquet or buttonhole! In fact the groom from one of the weddings I photographed last year was wearing a buttonhole with craspedia flower in it. It represented his love for tennis! Here it is:

Hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments about what you would like to see more of! Till next time,