I've been in two minds about Valentine's day for a long time... It's commercialised. Which holiday isn't though these days? It's that one day in the year when we are supposed to say I Love You. So, I've always been thinking why do we need this one day when we are supposed to, or are expected to say these beautiful words? Why not say them every day? Or just every time you feel like it? On the other hand - it's always great to have a day when Love is celebrated. We are so rushed everywhere, and more often than not we describe our life as hectic. Today is a good time to stop for a second and think about all the people in your life who matter. Tell your family you love them. Your mum, dad, sister, girlfriend, dog or cat - let them know they are loved today, if you feel you maybe haven't said it in a while. Hubby and I don't really celebrate the Valentine's day. Well, not in a way that we are getting dressed-up and going out for dinner, exchanging cards etc. We don't really do the 'usual' Valentine's thingy... I think 'duvet, sofa, wine and a movie' is right up our street)) It's us. It's what we like doing - spending time together in our home, having a nice bottle of red with nibbles (we like nibbles), watching a film or something on TV. It's lazydoingnothingness, but as long as we are lazydoingnothing together, it suits us! :)

Love each other more every day! Love each other to the moon and back ;)