I want to share a couple of images of this wedding album, which has sadly left me already. But it's going into a good home, and I know this couple will take good care of it)) Last Christmas I was rummaging in the attic and I found an album of my parents-in-law wedding. I loved looking through it! It felt like exploring. Fashion was funny, style of photography was funny, but the most important thing in that album were photos of people. People who are long gone, people who were young at the time, who now have a family of their own.

Wedding album is a beautiful way to showcase your wedding photographs and also preserve all those happy memories. It is designed in a story-telling manner, so when you look through it, it feels like the pages are taking you back to your day. There is nothing like seeing your photographs in print, and it's nice sometimes to just take a moment, sit down and open a beautiful book. It will put a smile on your face without a doubt!