Today I would like to share a couple of new online magazines I read and admire. I read them on my lunch break with a cuppa, or in the evening with a glass of wine, or most of the time as soon as they come out, because I'm so excited I can't wait! I know ladies who create them, and they put their heart and soul into what they do. Both mags are not particularly wedding related, but they are design led and are very inspirational. I love looking through the pages and discover people, places, things and little quirks. It's always a feast to the eyes and thing of beauty. First up is Dashing. Their latest issue is out now. Click on the link and no doubt you will read it from cover to cover! Warning - it will get addictive! About Dashing: it was set up as a mutual love of three girls (Charley, Fanni and Josie) who craved a real and relatable design-led magazine packed full of aspirational features, stylish and pretty inspiration and creative craft projects for everyone to enjoy!

Next is Sister Magazine, which was an idea of two sisters Toni and Thea. About: SisterMAG is a new digital magazine for versatilely interested and active women. Regularly we will cover topics from Careers, Technology, Future Trends but also Fashion, Lifestyle, Travelling, Parties and DIY. Women's magazines have always mirrored social movements and developments in its content and foci of coverage. With SISTER we want to reach a group which has been neglected by traditional publishing houses and editorial departments: the lot of up-and-coming, well-educated, very active and independent women, which are enthusiastic for the digital world and want to be presented new and exciting content in a visually appealing way.

I really enjoyed reading interviews with so many amazing and inspirational people, and even got to meet one of them and photograph during the interview. It was such a pleasure to meet Anjali Pathak - brand ambassador for Pathak Foods, and hear about her career, family business, love for food and her life in London:

So, there you go! Make sure you check out both Dashing and Sister MAG! In case you still haven't clicked on one of the links above, here the latest issues again:

Dashing - www.dashingmag.com

Sister MAG - www.sister-mag.com