As some of you know I photographed a vineyard wedding in Bordeaux region last year. Hubby and I stayed there for a couple of extra days after the wedding to explore the city, as we'd never been there before. Looking back at our photos brings back memories of hot weather, sunshine, good food and amazing wine. Some of the best wine we've ever had, which was super cheap as well. Pity we could only bring two bottles of it back with us to London. Knowing that we tried to sample as much as we could on the spot)) One of the most interesting places we visited was in fact a museum of wine. We learned lots about the region and the history of wine making industry. Turned out a lot of Irish immigrated to the area at the beginning of 18th century and started producing and trading wine. The building where museum is located belonged to an Irish merchant (and I think still does belong to the family). So, after learning all of this we still secretly hope Michael has distant relatives in Bordeaux with a vineyard and a château, haha! In case you are buying a bottle of Bordeaux wine from a supermarket, the best vintage years are 2005 and 2009)) Bordeaux is a student city, but despite all the hustle and bustle, there are a lot of quiet streets, which we loved exploring. One particular street that stood out had antique shops and a tiny Italian cafe, which won us over with it's delicious fresh food. The combination of Italian flavours with amazing fresh crusty French baguettes was out of this world. We went back to that street twice to just have lunch at La Bocca and have a wander around antique and design shops. Heaven.

We are going back to Bordeaux in May this year to photograph a beautiful château wedding. This time it's away from the city, more in the countryside, so we are really looking forward to exploring more of this beautiful place.