Yesterday we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. Thank you to all those who left comments on Twitter and Facebook! 4 years married to my best friend... I can't quite believe it. Where does time go?! These 4 years seen us obviously getting married, starting a new life together in Dublin, travelling to Australia, having a tough year at the start of the recession and living with parents, moving to London and starting a new life here, working hard and building a business, and celebrating our anniversary)) It mightn't sound like a lot, but there is much more to it. We went to our favourite local Italian restaurant yesterday, and we were making plans for the future. Our future together. We were dreaming and plotting, and scheming, and it all felt very real. It felt good to imagine what our live together would be in years to come. Now though I have a couple of frantic days getting ready for my mum's visit! I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight! All the excitement and anticipation will keep me awake. I'm taking some time off from now until April 9th. I will be responding to urgent e-mails when I can, if not then I will reply to you after 9th of April))

I'm leaving you with a preview of the latest London pre-wedding shoot, which will appear on the blog on Tuesday 3rd)) Do come back to have a look and leave some love for the gorgeous couple))