Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! I've been a bit quiet on the web last week. As some of you may know my mum was visiting us here in London, so I took a week off)) I was really looking forward to her visit, and we had great time in the last couple of days. Giving her a hug at the arrivals in Heathrow was the best thing ever! The flight was delayed for 30 min, and on top of that it was the busiest day at the airport (Friday before Easter holidays :-O ), so I've been waiting for good 3 hours for her to come out. Anticipation was driving me crazy, but all worth it in the end! We spent a couple of days in London, before heading to Ireland to travel a bit and see family. Heatwave it was not, but the good auld British weather didn't let us down! Not a drop of rain when we were sightseeing)) Because it was mum's first time in UK and in London, and we only had a couple of days, we only did touristy stuff. One of the first places I brought her to was Borough Market, which was food and coffee heaven. We wandered around food stalls sampling cheeses (I'm a huuuuge cheese fan, and so is my mum), and popped into Patisserie Lila for coffee and cake. All in all in three days we've been to Borough Market, Tower Bridge, St Katharine's Docks, St Paul's Cathedral, London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Knightsbridge, Camden, Richmond and Kew Gardens, Greenwich observatory&Old Naval College&Greenwich Market, and we also did some shopping, and eating in between))

After a couple of days in London, we flew into Dublin, which greeted us with sunny but cold weather, so it was a rather express tour around the city)) Some of the highlights were visiting the Guinness Storehouse and then heading to Brazen Head for live Irish music. Mum had her first taste of Guinness in the Gravity Bar (which has amazing 360 degree view of the city), and was very impressed with a little shamrock on top of the glass :) Live music session was brilliant! It got people clapping and dancing, and the atmosphere was electric! If you are ever in Dublin, and want to hear traditional Irish Music - Brazen Head is a place to be from 9:30pm))

The next day we headed for a drive around Wicklow Mountains. It was our first time there as well as mum's! Wicklow Mountains is only half an hour drive from Dublin and is an area of outstanding natural beauty. So many times we came out of the car and just said 'wow'... Beautiful scenery, purity and harmony of the whole place will blow you away. Must see if you are in Dublin!

One of the highlights of the day for me was visiting Avoca Mill, which is Ireland's oldest weaving mill founded in 1723 and still functioning and selling it's products worldwide. We saw the whole production process of lambwool blankets and throws, and got a great inside into the process. We were shown how 150 year old machine weaved a blanket, which was incredible to see. Real skill and craft is required to produce it. The whole business is Irish based with the wool coming from sheep munching on the grass on the same surrounding mountains! The products are very design led, quality is impeccable, and the staff was very attentive and personal. Seeing those throws being made, and being passionate about local produce, we bought two blankets in the shop)) Couldn't help it! The tagline of Avoca's throws is "Wearing a Hug", and we just fell in love with it. Visiting that place was very inspirational! Again - a must see!

After that we headed home to spend the remaining 2 days with family)) It was nice for the whole family to be together over the weekend. Fun times were had by everyone learning a few words of Russian, and mum learning English! We all came to conclusion that the more wine you drink, the better Russian (or English, or whatever language you don't know) you speak! Ta! Mum was also a big fan of Rodge - a pretty spoiled King Charles spaniel, who would do anything for a slice of ham (or apple in the photo below) :)

So, that's it! We waved mum good bye on Sunday. There were tears)) I already miss her, but hopefully I will see her again soon. My wedding season really kicks in this weekend, so that will keep me busy! May and June weddings see me travelling all over the country, as well as to France. Keep an eye on the blog for wedding prettiness))