I'm gradually 'recovering' from our recent break, and getting back into the flow of things, including blogging! I'm really enjoying writing on my blog lately and sharing different things with you including weddings, shoots and my internet finds. I always love getting comments and feedback, as it gives me ideas about what you would like to see more of)) In this week's finds I want to share two things with you. The first is a DIY tutorial for a cute art installation by Promise Tangeman, which I think is a fun way to showcase your engagement, family or holiday printed photographs. I will be making it on the wall next to my desk and clipping images which inspire me. It's very easy to do, and with minimum effort you will have a nice photo display in no time!

Image by Promise Tangeman

I came across this post on Green Wedding Shoes blog the other day, which is showcasing the wedding jewellery collection by 31 Bits. When I clicked through to the company's website I fell in love with their products, design and ethics. Started in Southern California by 5 college students, they work with women in Northern Uganda who make jewelry out of recycled paper. By helping these women sell their jewelry, not only are they helping provide a sustainable monthly income for the women, but also education and development programs that prepare these women for future careers. What a great cause! Go to their website, look at beautiful jewellery and read the story behind it (and buy some of course if you like! :) )

Image from Green Wedding Shoes, by Jasmine Star