Alice and James booked me for their wedding back in January. I loved hearing all about them and their plans! They described the place for their wedding, but it was hard to imagine what it would look like. Alice and James decided to get married at their family home. When I arrived for their pre-wedding shoot, which they decided to have there, I was amazed by the beauty of the place. Surrounded by rolling fields of rapeseed and wild flower meadows it will be a perfect setting for their beautiful wedding in June. Sun was shining all day on Sunday until of course I took my camera out. In the space of 50 minutes we had torrential rain and hailstones, but we still managed to take almost all the photos in the sunshine. Yeap, I did my sun dance (don't even think about asking for the proof!)! Alice and James were super easy to photograph. They are so relaxed with each other and are so good together. Alice has the most gorgeous smile, and I also like her quirky style. The light from the sunshine we got after the rain was so beautiful and soft - my favourite type of light to work with! We couldn't miss out on the chance to take some photos with ponies in the nearby field. They were very curious at first, but lost all the interest when they realised we didn't have any treats for them apart from a small bunch of grass and a daffodil ))