'Inspiration' and 'being inspired' can sometimes be buzzwords somewhat. It got me thinking recently, what does it all mean to me? I think inspiration for me is the driving force behind everything I do. It is ideas, dreams and aspirations, which drive me forward when put together. When I was at uni, I had a pleasure of meeting and working briefly with a British artist Louise Clark. She was being interviewed after her exhibition, and I was just listening, but I remember the journalist asked her "Where does your inspiration come from", to which she replied "Everywhere. I always carry a little notebook with me and scribble down ideas whenever they come". At the time I wasn't a photographer or in the creative industry at all, but for some reason her answer stuck with me, and I think now it plays a big part in my life. I'm not looking for 'inspiration' in some particular spots or places. I try and always keep my mind opened to anything I see, hear and experience. And I also scribble down things as they come to my mind (Notes on Iphone play the role of a little notebook :) Gotta go with the times!)). Sometimes they are silly, or I type them down too fast, and they don't even make sense if let's say a stranger reads them, but I think with time these ideas somehow come together in our mind and become something more than just a scribble. Sometimes I have too many of those and it makes me so impatient to implement them all at once! Having to wait and take it slow is annoying, but necessary. I've been inspired by nature, its power, its pureness and beauty. I've been inspired by people I've met. I've been inspired by random things I've seen on a street. It doesn't always relate to photography or business, sometimes just to becoming a better person, or dreams for the future.

Keep your mind opened and dream big))