For a long time I had a love/hate relationship with black and white. I've always loved old photographs in black and white, but I've always been curious about what life looked like in colour in those times. I couldn't imagine life in colour from those photos. What did streets looked like, what colour were houses and clothes? And so when I started my photography journey I fell in love with colour. I thought vibrant and clean colours depicted people, life and feelings, which was what I wanted to capture in my images (and still do). However, with my style evolving, I've noticed that sometimes good old black and white just brings out the subject in a photograph getting rid of background distractions. It doesn't matter what colour their clothes is. It doesn't matter where they are. What matters is just them, together, happy and in love. So, I want to share a few photos from Sarah and Daniel's pre-wedding photoshoot, all in black and white))