I've always been fascinated with technology and the speed it develops at these days. I think the older I get the more everything is causing 'wow' reaction. I was the child of the nineties, so I still remember cassettes, huge slow computers with blue screens and floppy disks. I was chatting to a friend of mine recently and we were remembering how we used floppy disks in uni, and wondering how did we even manage to fit several files on something which had capacity of like 2Mb! I got my first mobile phone at 17, when I moved away from my parents to another city to go to uni. It had a little antenna and black and white screen, haha! Today I see 5 year olds using facebook on their smartphones (well, maybe 5 could be exaggerating, but you get what I'm sayin!). Today I nearly can't leave the house without my phone! It helps me to stay in touch with my family and run my business on the go when I'm away photographing weddings. When I got my first mobile phone, I couldn't imagine how people lived without mobile phones before. Now I can't imagine how people lived without internet on mobile phones! Crazy... Anyway)) I came across this post on one of my favourite technology and social media blogs Simply Zesty introducing Leap Motion device. Wow! I can't wait for it to come out, as I think it will change things slightly for how us photographers retouch our work, and how we manage our images.