Last Wednesday I took a train up North all the way to Newark to attend a flower growing and arranging workshop by lovely Rachael from Catkin Flowers. The one day workshop was organised with the help of Charlie from The Natural Wedding Company (which is an amazing blog if you are getting married soon and are planning an ethical wedding, or want to be as kind to environment as possible during your big day!). I went to the workshop more for inspiration than anything else I guess. I want to start growing my own flowers one day (we need to get a garden for this sorta thing first!). It's something I find very therapeutic and soothing, and needless to say beautiful flowers always make you smile)) I keep buying bunches of peonies, I love wild flowers for their unpretentious look, and photographing bouquets at weddings is one of my favourite things :) I guess it's turning into a hobby!

I loved this workshop. Not only we learned about seasonal growing, so you always have some flowers all year around, but we also went to have a look at Rachael's garden and her beautiful roses and delicate sweet peas, and learned how to arrange a bouquet with fresh cut flowers straight from the said garden)) We had lots of fun with the girls who attended the workshop talking about  flowers and gardens, our jobs, weddings, and whilst making bouquets.

I can't wait to have my own garden, so one day I could just go out after the rain, feel the scent of my flowers in the air, and bring them home to make it more beautiful)) Here are a few images I took throughout the day: