has been good)) I've always been taking photos with my phone when on the go, and shared some of them on facebook. I've been resisting Instagram ever since I heard about it. Not sure why. Just didn't think I needed to have another photo app in my collection :) I've signed up recently though finally giving in to square format. It's fun! I thought I would share a few images from the last few weeks, which also show what I've been up to. It's just a random collection starting with a train journey to and from a wedding. I love train journeys. Gives me time to think

Wander around Shoreditch in London with hubby, and a board at the train station we saw before a late night train journey. Guess the tube staff were bored, but it was fun)) Love seeing random things

We were lucky enough to get last minute tickets to Glen Hansard's gig in London. Ever since I saw him in film ONCE (which my husband sent to me when we were still apart. It was after I'd already visited Ireland, so at the time that film was very special to me) I got to love his music. But seeing him perform live was a completely different experience! It was intense in a good way! Go, if ever get a chance)) Next to it is one of my favourite London places - Drink, Shop&Do

Work has been about lists when I'm working from home)) Most lists have one of these words 'edit, blog, post, send, e-mail, remind, print, order' in them, and most of the time all of these words! My desk started to collect what looks like 100 year old dust on it, hehe. My wedding season is coming to an end, and I'm looking forward to organising things a little, doing some personal work and improving my little business))

Cheeky neighbours' cat trying to get in into our window. It's too high and narrow for her, which doesn't stop me hanging over it though to pet her :) I wish we had a cat!