I usually blog twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday. Today is Thursday and it happens to be Valentine's Day... Michael had a day off and we kind of celebrated it yesterday, combined with the Pancake Day :) We never really make a big deal out of Valentine's. We don't get each other cards or perfumes. We just say 'I love you' like we do every day. So, yesterday we took advantage of our day off and went to the cinema to see the latest British comedy 'I Give It a Year'.  In case you haven't seen, it's about a couple who get married, but after a year realise they are not right for each other through all sorts of situations, which are made to look funny of course. We were laughing when we came out, recalling all the fun moments and lines. And after a couple of minutes we were like 'Nah, but that's not us, right?!', 'Nah, definitely not like us. We've been married for 5 years.'. Unwillingly we started to think of similarities with the characters of the film because we got into it so much. It's funny actually, because after a few minutes we started to mention what we love about each other and everything fell back into place :) Our differences make us complete, rather than drive us apart. And that's what I love about us. We can be mad at each other sometimes because of silly things - any married couple would understand, but we always remember why we fell in love in the first place)) So, tonight on a Valentine's night we'll just do what we love doing most - spend time together at home. With some chocolate cake :)