Wedding is probably the biggest event you will ever plan (unless you are a professional event organiser), and unless you've done it before it can be a bit daunting. I'm definitely not a pro, and more often than not I see the day from my perspective and how everything is going to work in order to get the best wedding photographs. For the last 3 years of photographing weddings I've been collecting a few tips for my couples. A couple of months ago I put together a brochure for my clients, and I just want to share a few bits of advice here on my blog. If you are getting married and are in the process of organising your wedding day I hope you will find this post useful! Feel free to leave a comment below if you would like to add anything that could benefit other couples :) Share the love, people! So, in no particular order: - Get a pretty hanger for your wedding dress/bridesmaids dresses. An elegant hanger looks much better in photos. A good place to buy it from would be the same shop where you bought your dress. Or if you are looking for something more custom, Etsy is the place.

- Get a change of flat shoes for the evening reception/dancing. No matter how comfortable you think your high heels may be, you will be tired by the end of the day.

- When designing a sitting plan and arranging the tables in your reception area, there are a couple of things to take into consideration:  a) if possible, position yourself (bride&groom) facing the window/light source. Especially if the room is a bit dark.  b) think about who will be making speeches, and make sure there are no green Exit signs or fire extinguishers behind them or above them. Most of the time it is impossible to cut them out of photographs.

- Have a plan B for a rainy day. prepare cute wellies and white umbrellas in advance. Weather could be rather unpredictable, but wellies and brollies make for fun photos))


- If you are adding light to your reception venue, please do not choose pink/red/orange or purple up lights. They give a very bright colour cast on everything and your guests will end up looking like aliens with purple skin ;) If you want to add some light, choose plain up lights, candles and fairy lights. A good post on Rock My Wedding blog to help you with some ideas on how you can create a lovely atmosphere with different light sources .

- Dedicate approximately a 2 hour window between the end of the ceremony and the start of the meal. This will allow adequate time to mingle with your guests and get all the photos done.

- Make sure you are getting ready in a room with lots of natural light. Window light makes skin look smooth and generally makes everything look pretty.


- Check with the ceremony venue about photography rules. Especially if it is in the church. Some vicars do not allow any photography during the ceremony. Make sure you get to know about this in advance, so it doesn't come as a surprise on your wedding day))

- If you are not allowed to have confetti at your venue, there are a few alternatives: bubbles, balloons or ribbons. Check out this post on One Fab Day for some cute ideas: .

- Fill up the confetti cones to the top for that wonderful effect when it's thrown over you! Or even better - just keep it all in a box, and let you guests get a handful when they exit the ceremony venue:


- Check the sunset times for the golden hour photographs throughout the year (the best time for photos is about an hour before sunset) - Usually if the sunset is beautiful I get my couples outside for about 5 minutes in between courses, before the first dance or before band/DJ start playing.