So, June... When did it happen?! I can't quite believe we are almost half way through the year. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, but time definitely goes faster these days. Some weddings I photograph in June are for couples who I met back in January. Back then they were saying: "Ah, we still got 6 months to go, plenty of time!" :-) Now we all feel a little bit surprised that the big day is like tomorrow! June is a little bit exciting for me. Apart from four beautiful weddings I'm shooting this month, I'm also going to a deep Norfolk countryside for 'FILM is not DEAD' workshop. I will spend 3 days in a company of some amazing photographers from UK and Europe, learning how to shoot film and about all things photography. I've never done a long workshop before, and I never shot on film before. I'm a little nervous. Ok, that's a lie... I'm very nervous! But I've learned that exciting things happen when I step out of my comfort zone and get over my fears, so although I'm scared, I'm very much looking forward to it! I will write more about it when time comes))

Straight after the workshop hubby and I are going to a wedding as guests! Nearly too much excitement for one week! I love weddings and it will be nice to put my camera down for a change and let someone else do their job :) I'm just going to enjoy the day! When we went to a wedding last year, I took a total of one photo of a couple. I was present at every single moment - ceremony, cake cutting, first dance, instead of hiding behind my phone snapping away)) I intend to do the same this year, and just let the professional do their thing and capture all those moments! Can't wait))

What are you looking forward to in June? And because every post is better with a photo, here is a portrait of my beautiful bride from last Saturday's wedding at St.Paul's cathedral: