I took a two week break in the middle of my wedding season, we packed our bags and headed home. My home, to visit my family. I haven't been in almost two years and I've been looking forward to this trip since the beginning of this year. I haven't lived in my home town for ten years. I left for a big city to go to uni when I was 17, and moved two countries since.  Every time I come home I see so many things change. The town is growing and developing. There is now a modern cinema, huge supermarkets, a club and bowling centre, a 4 star hotel, and even a sushi place (in Russian countryside!). I spend a couple of days there and realise that at the core everything is still the same. I kind of like it though. I think. Michael and I went together this time. It was a little passive-active holiday for us. There was definitely a lot of sleeping, eating and lazing on the beach, but we also went cycling, fishing and wild swimming (something I miss here in England during the summer). We enjoyed a good stretch of hot weather and I finally got to wear my summer dresses for the first time this year! I already miss my mum's cooking and all the fresh food from her allotment. My mum and I also went foraging in the local woods. The raspberries, blueberries and blackberries we picked were just in another league in comparison with supermarket ones! Bursting with flavour. It felt like we were pretty much eating all the time, but whatever, it was a holiday! :) The icing on the cake was our last breakfast in Mari Vanna in Moscow, where we made a new fluffy friend, who looked rather moody and was eyeing bacon in Michael's omelette. Despite having visited Russia together several times, there are still many new things we are getting to explore together. Hope that stays :)

It's nice to be back home in London though. Nothing substitutes that feeling of being in your own space, and also in your own bed on your own pillow! I'm ready for my August and September weddings and looking forward to seeing all my couples again! Normal blogging schedule resumes from today ;)


Above: Moscow underground on the right))


Will miss having fun with mum